In from Lake Highlands:

$11,500 in Scholarships Awarded to Five Outstanding LHGCL Players

$4,000 Scholarship
Sarah Franze - North Texas Celtic FC 99G Wall North
$3,000 Scholarship
Ryan Gosdin -  FCUSA 99G
$1,500 Scholarships
Bethany Caudel - FCUSA 99G
Kylie VonHolle - FC Dallas WTX 99G Midland Ramirez
Caroline Workley - Sting 99G Ferretti

Sarah Franze Making Waves!!!

Lake Highlands Girls Classic League recognizes Sarah Franze with their top scholarship! This award was based on a written application, high school transcript, community service commitment, and committee interviews. Sarah is currently highlighted on the Lake Highlands Classic League website found here: 

Congrats Sarah. From all of us at North Texas Celtic, COYGIG!!! You have made us proud.