Jay Carroll

Holds a D-License Coaches Certificate

Girls Coach of '01, '08 & '09 Age Groups

Jay was born in Loma Linda, California.  From the ages of 3-16, Jay grew up in SW Missouri, where he participated in multiple sports at Pleasant Hope, High School.  In 1988 his family moved to Texas, where his sports of choice while in High School were basketball, baseball and soccer.

After High School, Jay was invited to try out for the Colorado Rockies.  His baseball dreams transitioned to a semi-pro adult league in soccer where he played goalie for a year.  In 2004 Jay became the goal keeper coach at DFW Tejanos.  He held that position for one year.  In 2005, Jay became the goal keeper coach at FWFC and an assistant coach for a ’96, '97 & '98 girls team.  Jay has also coached with ACES and with Mustangs West.  He has always coached girls’ teams, as he has two daughters that played soccer.

As a teacher and mentor to his players, Jay saw a need to help young athletes prepare for the next level in their soccer careers.  As a result, he started a company called Prep 1 Athletics.  This company helps parents and college bound soccer players navigate through the recruiting process.  It’s a difficult trail and Jay, through his multiple contacts and recruitment acumen has helped place kids in universities.

In February of 2017 Jay joined NTX Celtic FC, where he coaches an '01, '08 and '09 girls teams and assists any player, and their family (within the club) to achieve their goal of playing soccer in college. In October of 2017, he became the recruiting coordinator / coach for Southwestern Christian University in Bethany, OK, covering recruitment for the University in the state of Texas.

Jay’s mission statement:  “I want anyone that plays for me to understand the game and to be comfortable playing it. I also want to prepare the kids on my team for soccer at the college level.  Not only as it relates to their college of choice, but to understand the commitment it takes and pitfalls they may encounter while in college.  This covers everything from the demographics, i.e., would they be as comfortable far away from home as they might think?  Will they play their first year and are they prepared to take on the challenges required to stay with the soccer program at their college of choice?”